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                                      Welcome to Ming Lee Tool-Steel (HK) Limited
                                      Distribution of High Quality Steel
                                      Welcome sub-contracting machining

                                      Service Hotline:(0769) 8331 6878

                                      Hot key words:

                                      Product Category


                                      Why Mingli steel?

                                      Long History

                                      Ming Lee Tool-Steel found in 1940, and we have been working in the industry for more than 70 years.  Distributor of different Global Brand steel, copper, etc. We are also a mould base manufacturer specialize in Custom Make Mould Base.


                                      Providing Best Quality product to our customer is always our first priority.  ISO9001 is our minimum requirment.  Fast Delivery, Good Service and Satisify Customer is our basic goal.  Under promise and Over delivery would be our main goal. 


                                      The integrity of our company is unquestioned.  Never provide fake or unqualify product! Promise to all customer, every penny You spend and 100% of Quality product rewards.

                                      Company profile

                                      Ming Lee Tool-Steel was originally established as a sole proprietorship in 1940, and incorporated in Hong Kong in the year 1989. We are the distributor of high quality mould steel, machinery steel, copper alloy and EDM cooper. To provide a full range of services to our customers, we set up our mould base factory in 1980 manufacturing high precision tooling plates; mould bases. To enlarge our production capacity, we established a new factory in ...


                                      Customer Testimonials